Circular Laser Levelling Machine (CLLM)

Typical operations the Flatness Laser Leveling Machine (FLLM) and Circular Laser Leveling Machine  (CLLM) equipment can undertake are:

  • Turbine casing horizontal joints
  • Compressor casing horizontal joints
  • Turbine covers
  • Machinery foundations
  • Distribution plate surfaces
  • Guide vane gate surfaces
  • Reactor head flanges
  • Equipment foundations
  • Bearing surfaces
  • Blast furnace bell surfaces
  • Weapons mounting foundations
  • Rocket and missile launchers
  • Sonar and radar revolving dome surfaces
  • Onshore and offshore cranes

Capacities and range of FLLM and CLLM Machining range:

  • FLLM : adaptable to any size
  • CLLM : 2.5m – 24m (8’ – 80’) diameter
  • Low profile CLLM : 1.8m – 4.1m (6’ – 13.5’) diameter

Machining accuracy:

  • LSLM : 0.05mm (0.002”) over an area of 25m2 (250 ft2)
  • CLLM : overall flatness on diameter of 0.1mm (0.004”)


Circular Laser Leveling Machine (CLLM)

Furmanite supply and use a range of specialist self-leveling milling machines. These are ideal for use in machining very large circular or irregular shaped surfaces. Circular faces up to 45m (150 feet) or rectangular faces up to 11.5m by 11.5m (38ft x 38ft) are able to be machined in a single set up. The machines follow a reference plane electronically, utilizing the strength of the item being machined for support. This allows the use of lightweight machines.

The machines are highly adaptable, allowing for machining of all faces from vertical to inverted.

The machine uses a laser controlled actuating system to raise and lower the cutting head which in turn maintains the flatness and “best fit” for the service.

 Uses include:

  • Mining – draglines, stackers, re-claimers, crushers
  • Power generation – turbine casing horizontal split joints, machinery foundations, nuclear reactor head flanges
  • Hydro electric power – turbine covers, distribution plate surfaces, guide vane gate surfaces
  • Defence – weapons mounting foundations, rocket and missile launchers, revolving dome surfaces, submarine hull protrusions
  • Petrochemical refining – foundations, reactors, presses, cranes, compressor casing horizontal joints
  • Offshore oil production – turret mooring systems, large crane base calm buoys, FPSO turret systems
  • Steel – blast furnace lip rings, BOF flanges, slew ring bearing surfaces