NDT & Inspection

API Inspections

  • 510  Inspectors (Pressure Vessel)
  • 570 Inspectors (Piping)
  • 653 Inspectors (Storage Tanks)
  • API QUTE Inspectors (Shearwave)
  • AWS CWI Inspectors (Weld Inspectors)
  • Engineering
    • Failure Analysis
    • Finite Element Analysis
    • CAD Drawings

API Programs

  • Run & Maintain/Daily Maintenance
    • Corrosion Under Insulation
    • RBI (Risk Based Inspections)
    • Time Based Inspections
  • Program Audits
  • Full Service Tank Inspections
    • Visual Inspection
    • Settlement Survey
    • MFL Floor Scans
    • Vacuum Box Testing
    • Corrosion Mapping/Thickness Drops
    • Engineering Analysis
      • Remaining Life Calculations
    • Repair Recommendations
  • Short & Long Term Project Support
    • Turnaround/Shutdown/Outage
    • New Construction
  • 3RD Party Vendor Surveillance
  • Mechanical Integrity Program Start-up and Implementation
  • Full NDT Support for all programs

Here is a partial list of available equipment:

Furmanite’s custom designs and builds our own 2WD and 4WD mobile x-ray rigs for field applications. These are fully equipped for on-site film processing, drying and viewing. All of the mobile darkrooms are unique in that they all have on board computer systems that are utilized for computerized report generation on site. No hand written test reports. When the mobile darkroom returns to our laboratory, the computer system automatically synchronizes with our main frame system.

  • XIT internal x-ray crawlers
  • X-ray machines, external (spot)
  • X-ray machines, internal (360°)
  • Iridium 192 projectors
  • Cobalt 60 projectors
  • Portable darkroom buildings fully equipped for on-site placement during long-term station work
  • Magnetic particle machines
  • Ultrasonic machines
  • Outokumpu x-ray fluorescence machine (positive metal identification)
  • Internal Rotary Inspection Systems (IRIS), ultrasonic
  • Eddy current machines
  • Fiberoptics (boroscopes)
  • Complete weld test labs with 24 welding booths

NDT/NDE Methods

  • Ultrasonic Inspections
    • Straight Beam
    •  Angle Beam
  • Magnetic Particle Inspections
  • Positive Material Identification (PMI)
  • Dye Penetrant Inspections
  • Ferrite Testing
  • Vacuum Box Testing
  • Brinell Testing
  • MFL (Floor Scans)
  • Visual Inspection
    • Remote Capabilities
  • Procedure Writing
    • Welding Procedures
    • Repair Procedures
    • Welder Qualification
  • Radiography
    • Conventional
    • DRT/CRT

Advanced Inspections

  • Ultrasonics
    • Phased Array & Time of Flight Diffraction (ToFD)
      • Automated and Manual
    • Corrosion Mapping
    • Long Rang Ultrasonic Inspections (Guided Wave)
  • Eddy Current
    • Tube & Surface
  • IRIS
  • Remote Field Testing
  • Near Field Testing
  • ACFM
  • EMAT
  • Infrared Thermography


Casting Services

Casting services at Furmanite are performed by highly trained personnel with over 200 years of combined experience.

Field Services

Furmanite field services can provide on site nondestructive testing with multi-certified technicians.

In House Inspection

The In House Inspection Service at Furmanite is geared for high production.

Codes & Standards

Furmanite is a commercial testing and research laboratory having facilities in the US and and the Caribbean.

IRIS & Eddy Current

Internal Rotary Inspection Systems (IRIS) is the ultimate in ultrasonic tubing inspection.

Liquid Penetrant

Liquid Penetrant testing is probably the most widely used NDT method.

Magnetic Particle

Magnetic particle testing is done by inducing a magnetic field in a ferro-magnetic material…


The X-IT crawlers owned and operated by Furmanite deliver reliable, consistent performance whether they’re being put to work onshore or offshore.


Positive Material Identification (PMI) is a nondestructive means of determining the chemical composition of metals.


We provide industrial radiographic testing services in both our laboratory and in the field at customer locations.

Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic testing uses the transmission of high frequency sound waves into a material to detect imperfections…

Visual Inspection

Probably the oldest and most common method of NDT is visual examination, which has numerous industrial and commercial applications.

Weld Testing

We have been providing Nondestructive Testing Services to a large variety of Petrochemical, Power Plant, Oil, Pipeline, and related industries for many years.

Since 1929 Furmanite has been the company you can count on to keep your facilities and assets up and running at peak efficiency. Providing service from over 70 locations on six continents, including more than 30 strategically located North American service centers, Furmanite is the single most authoritative source for your global industrial service needs. With highly-trained and experienced personnel; a true commitment to safety that is backed by impressive statistics; an unwavering commitment to quality-of-work; and a vast array of services acting in concert to provide real-world solutions, it’s no wonder that Furmanite is considered by many to be the worldwide industry leader in services and products to support end-to-end maintenance, turnarounds, outages and capital construction projects.

Advanced Inspection Services to Support Maintenance, Turnarounds, Outages and Construction Projects:

  • Daily Maintenance (Run & Maintain) Inspectors
  • Experienced Turnaround Inspectors (Pre Planning through Execution)
  • Short or Long-Term Project Inspection Personnel
  • 3rd party Vendor Surveillance (Client Representative Shop Fabrication / Repair Liaisons)
  • Mechanical Integrity Program Start-up & Implementation
  • Out of Service Tank Inspectors

Inspection companies that have joined the Furmanite family:


111130-Leak Sealing-Sub Sea Clamp

On-Line Leak Sealing

Our leak-sealing technology and unrivaled
on-site service help you maximize asset uptime
by sealing leaks online, onsite and under pressure. This means you keep producing the ‘product’ while we solve your leak problems.

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Process Piping System Hot Tap

Hot Tapping

At Furmanite we carry the largest and most diverse inventory of Hot Tapping equipment
in the world. We have a proven record of developing unique and custom Hot Tap solutions for the most complicated scenarios.

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111130-Line Stopping

Line Stopping & Plugging

Our Line Stopping services help prevent unwanted shutdowns and keep critical piping
and pipeline systems online during tie-ins, relocations, repairs, retrofits and routine maintenance.

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111130-On-Site Machining

On-Site Machining

Our portable machining tools deliver the benefits of a fully equipped machine workshop on-site – where our clients need it most. We consistently achieve tolerances and finishes usually only achievable in a machine shop.

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111202-Self Leveling Machines

Self Leveling Machines

Furmanite’s Self Leveling Machines deliver precision on-site machining for large circular and irregular shaped surfaces. Our circular and linear machining equipment is portable and ready for global deployment.

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111130-Composite Repair-Absailing

Composite Repair

Our range of composite repair solutions is designed to ensure the ongoing structural integrity and load-bearing capabilities of your assets, improving their longevity whilst minimizing the impact on your productivity.

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111202-Heat Treatment-3

Post Weld Heat Treatment

Furmanite offers a full range of heat treatment services through a wide range of temperatures. We manufacture, own and operate the most technologically advanced heat treatment equipment available in the marketplace.

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111202-All Services-Steam

All Services

We offer a comprehensive range of on-site
and on-line plant and pipeline maintenance services. From standard applications to highly customized solutions our goal is to help you maximize your asset up time.

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111201-Hot Tapping Machine

Hot Tapping

Furmanite has been manufacturing Hot Tapping equipment for over 50 years. Our Hot Tapping Machines ensure your critical piping systems maintain a continuous flow while installing new tie-ins and branch connections.

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111201-Line Stopping

Line Stopping & Plugging

For over 50 years Furmanite’s Line Plugging equipment has been helping clients maintain a continuous flow on critical piping systems while performing repairs, relocations, valve or pump installations and pipe modifications.

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111201-Pipeline Repair

Pipeline Repair Products

We have a wide range of Pipeline Repair
and Integrity products designed to handle emergency leak repairs in high pressure environments and improve the structural integrity and safety of your pipelines.

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111201-Silk Machine

Portable Machining Tools

Furmanite’s Silk portable and lightweight machine tools provide high tolerance solutions for a variety of problems. Renowned for their sound engineering, our Silk machines help you deliver precision onsite machining.

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Valve Products

The Wilson Snyder Switch Valve has provided proven reliability for over 75 years in Coker Switch Valve applications. Wilson Snyder Switch Valves have the lowest steam consumption in the industry.

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Health & Safety Products

We offer a wide range of proprietary Safety, Environmental and Maintenance products designed to eliminate injuries and improve pipeline safety. At Furmanite, your ongoing safety is our number one priority.

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111201-Smart Shim

Chocking Prevention

Furmanite’s SmartShim™ is a truly effective and state-of-the-art conductor analysis and chocking solution that will ensure your offshore production site remains productive, powerful and profitable.

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111201-Valve Products

All Products

Furmanite has been a trusted resource for sophisticated engineering products for over
75 years. From Hot Tapping to Line Stopping, we have a wide range of products to meet your pipeline repair and maintenance needs.

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Furmanite is a world leader in the provision of on site services to clients in the mining, petro-chemical, off shore, oil & gas, powergen, marine, pulp & paper and general engineering industries globally.

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Case Study: BAE Systems Airbus

To overcome the need to remove the plateaux (part of the wing) to be milled flat for a precise fit, as well as avoiding the risk of distortion when re-fitted to the aircraft.

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Case Study: Esso Fawley Refinery

Esso’s unit 1 boiler at Fawley was shutdown for repair. The unit 2 boiler had developed a superheater tube leak. The challenge was to carry out a repair, the alternative was a shutdown of the major processing units.

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Case Study: Major Operator

The customer wanted to modify their petrochemical plant – but they didn’t want to shutdown.

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Case Study: North Cormorant Platform

The original configuration of pipe-work on the North Cormorant platform of the Otter over Eider project, did not lend itself to the increased flow.

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Case Study: Nuclear Electric

Accurate and reliable valve testing was required in quick time as part of the pre-commissioning process.

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Case Study: Shell Expro Gannet Platform

When Shell United Kingdom Exploration and Production (Expro) introduced a new Induced Gas Floatation Unit (IGFU) onto their Gannet platform they had planned to finalise the installation during a 30-hour shutdown.

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