Valve Insertions

Why Perform a valve Insertion?

When valves are needed in your piping system, and interrupting flow and service is undesirable, Valve Insertions could be your answer. Furmanite offers direct Valve Insertions into free flowing water distribution systems in sizes from 4” – 12”.

The insertion valve is safe and simple install valve that meets AWWA standards for a permanent Valve installation.

The Insertion Valve requires only one excavation and once the hole is dug and main is cleaned, the installation process generally takes from 2-4 hours.

With a Valve Insertion, you get the benefit of a new means of isolation on your system while AVOIDING the following:

  • Loss of critical service to hospitals, hotels, restaurants, commercial business zones, or densely populated areas
  • Loss of Fire Protection and possible liability
  • Difficulties in Locating operational buried valves
  • Potential Backflow Problems
  • Possible System Contamination – chlorinating and boil orders!
  • Bad Press. It is never a good idea to shut down water service when other options are available.

Valve Insertions

Furmanite’s Valve Insertion Services – Over 50 years of experience in performing Valve Insertions in the Field

Fumanite has a long history of providing innovative “no-shutdown” piping solutions. Our Hot Tapping and Line Stopping service division was born in the early 1950’s as the first service company dedicated to performing Hot Taps, Line Stops, and Valve Insertions in the field. Through the years, much has evolved, the name changed from Advance Valve Installations to IPSCO and now to Furmanite. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to quality products and services that are designed to keep your critical pipe systems free flowing and in service 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week.

Put us to the test on your next project and we will show you why experience in the field counts. We have over 50 years of experience in performing Valve Insertions in the field and that is 45 more years than any competitor that we know of.

Quality – Experience – And well trained crews located around the world. When it comes to Tapping, Line Stopping, and live Valve Insertions only one company offers it all and… “WORKS BEST – UNDER PRESSURE”.