Services We Deliver

Furmanite provides a global array of specialty industrial repair and maintenance services that is unmatched in this industry. Please click on one of our superior service offerings and learn how Furmanite can meet and exceed your needs.


On-Line Leak Sealing & Repair

Pioneering leak-sealing technology and unrivaled on-site service. It’s this unique combination that gives Furmanite the edge and enables...

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Hot Tapping

Furmanite’s Hot Tap Service Group began as part of the first known organization (IPSCO) dedicated to providing Hot Taps as an engineered service

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Line Stops & Pipe Line Plugging

Furmanite is proud of its history and heritage of providing Hot Tapping and Line Stopping services for more than 50 years.

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On-Site Machining (OSM)

Where you need it, when you need it

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Self Leveling Machines (SLM)

Self Leveling Machines (SLM) specializes in machining very large circular and irregular shaped surfaces on structural components.

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Post Weld Heat Treatment

Furmanite's Heat Treatment – Setting a new industry standard utilizing the latest in thermal processing technology

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Valve Repair Services

Reduce costs and increase efficiency with Furmanite’s valve care package.

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Composite Pipe Repair

Furmanite – The Innovator in Composite Repair Solutions...

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On-Site Technical Bolting

Whether it is routine maintenance, turnaround and outage, or capital projects, the modifications and repairs performed on your assets are only as good as the bolts that hold them together.

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Pipe Freeze Plugging - Pipe Freezing

Keeping Critical Pipe Systems Online and Preventing Unwanted Shutdowns

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Concrete Repair & Restoration

Ensuring Structural Integrity Means Your Facility is Safe, Sound and Successful

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Line Isolation and Hydrostatic

Line Isolation & Localized Hydrostatic Weld/Nozzle Testing

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