Wilson Snyder DCU Coker Switch Valves

Wilson-Snyder has been manufacturing dependable switch valves for “Coker” applications since the early 1930’s. Coker service is one of the most brutal services that any valve can be installed in and the Wilson-Snyder switch valve has been exceeding our customer’s expectations for the last 70 plus years.

The Wilson-Snyder switch valve allows fluid flow to be diverted from one path to another without interrupting the flow from the source. The switch valve body and internal parts along with the inlet nozzle are made of forged alloy steel with a stainless steel valve plug. The valve body and plug are precision ground to form a pressure tight metal to metal sealing surface.

All valves are manufactured and serviced from our manufacturing facility in Sulphur, Louisiana, United States.

Wilson Snyder DCU Coker Switch Valves

On a manually operated valve, the turning mechanism consist of a hand wheel and a heavy duty gear reduction set that is attached to the valve plug for rotation from outlet port to outlet port or to the bypass outlet.

A thrust flange with heavy duty nuts is provided on the valve to unseat the valve plug prior to rotation. After the valve plug is unseated it is easily rotated to the desired position. A stuffing box with packing, lantern ring and a tightening gland is provided to prevent product leakage past the valve stem during rotation. The lantern ring allows for cooling fluid flow (usually steam) from the two cooling connection ports to the packing. The pressurized coolant cools the coke and prevents it from entering the packing area during cycling, which prevents the leakage of product to the atmosphere.

The standard switch valve models are available in sizes ranging from 4” through 14” (sizes are based on inlet nozzle). The valves can have two, three, or four outlets. The standard model has one inlet with two main outlets and a smaller bypass outlet.

The standard series of valve are ANSI rated switch valve which are designed in accordance with ANSI B16.5, A16.20, B31.3 and are available in 300, 600 and 900 classes.

The special service series of valves are sold as duplicates or replacements and for special approved applications not requiring the full capacity of the ANSI rated series. These valves are sized to fit piping systems having class 300, 600 and 900 flanges.