Spill Containment & Absorbency Products

Furmanite Absorbent Products – quick and cost effective tools for immediate clean-up of spillages and leaks

Government health and safety requirements demand a clean, safe working environment for all employees. At Furmanite, we not only aid you in preventing and containing large-scale safety hazards , but we also provide solutions for smaller, yet still hazardous situations. We offer a full range of absorbency products specially designed to meet your plant’s individual clean-up needs.

Furmanite’s Absorbency Product Line

  • Mats – ideal for application around machinery
  • Rolls – designed for use in walkways
  • Mini Booms – for fitting around the base of machines
  • Pillows – issued in areas with heavy drip problems
  • Booms – to contain and absorb spillages on water
  • Drain covers – prevents escape of hazardous fluids to sewers and soak-aways

Our products and custom-packaged kits are created to aid in the clean up of oil and chemical spillages, specifically petroleum-based fluids, non-aggressive fluids such as oil, solvents and coolants, and aggressive fluids such as acids and caustics. We offer one-time use products, as well as reusable items. In addition, Furmanite can print key messages, instructions or company logos on the kit bags.

Spill Containment and Absorbency Products

Spill kits

Dedicated to specific application/needs and are available for petroleum-based fluids such as oil, solvents, coolants and aggressive fluids e.g. acids and caustics.

  • Mats designed for use in walkways
  • Rolls for application around machinery
  • Pillows for use in areas with heavy drip problems
  • Booms to contain and absorb spillages on water

Drain covers

Water-filled drain covers can be readily deployed, providing a fast and effective containment of leaks.

They prevent escape of hazardous fluids (hydrocarbons, solvents, etc) to sewers and soak-aways

  • Simple fitting and removal
  • Universal size fits most drains
  • Reusable just clean-off in solution prior to storage

Storing kits on-site ensures a quick response

  • Avoids devastating consequences and resultant penalties
  • Affordable tailor-made kits to meet your needs
  • Storing kits strategically on-site minimizes the problem
  • Designed for oil and chemical spillages
  • Single use and larger reusable kits available
  • Refill packs available to return kits to 100%
  • Kit bags can be personalized with key message or company branding

Download Spill Containment & Absorbency Products datasheet for more information

Furmanite - Innovative since 1920

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1st Patent is filed in 1927 The Furmanite patent for the leak sealing process filed in 1927 was the first …

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