Fire Suppression Enclosures – Pyrofend

Pyrofend Advantages

  • Pyrofend is an advanced phenolic composite resin which protects against direct flame and thermal radiation at any temperature
  • Molded to fit any configuration or application
  • Can be modified on-site, requiring no special tools for installation or removal
  • Designed for a space-saving close fit
  • Provides excellent cold face temperatures
  • Absorbs thermal energy
  • Lightweight
  • Robust and durable
  • Non-toxic, even in fire conditions
  • Completely waterproof
  • Withstands harsh environments and arduous weather conditions
  • Electrical wiring can be terminated within enclosure
  • No special tools required for installation
  • Conforms to BS EN ISO 9001 quality standards

Only The Best Will Do

From project management to design, production and installation, Furmanite is committed to offering the products, services and specialty support required to exceed all our customers’ expectations. But even more importantly, we want our customers to be confident that their equipment is truly safe in our hands.

All of Furmanite’s fire protection solutions are based on the latest available technology and are designed to exceed expectations in terms of quality and reliability. At Furmanite, technical excellence comes standard.

Our products utilize a range of BS476-approved materials, with a fire rating up to four hours. These include penetration and expansion joint seals; cementitious, intumescent and ablative materials; RTV silicone foam; transit blocks; and protective cladding for structural steel. Firewall barriers are tested to Nuclear Electric Standard ES/TSS EX5 7080 issue 7. In addition, Furmanite is one of the few companies offering these solutions to be ISO-9001 accredited.

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Fire Suppression Enclosures – Pyrofend

Advanced Fire Protection For Critical Instruments & Equipment

Our newest and most innovative fire protection tool is Pyrofend – a truly state-of-the-art material used when manufacturing close-fitting, lightweight enclosures that provides the highest possible level of protection against direct flame and thermal radiation. These enclosures can be molded to fit any type of application in any type of industry, giving it a significant advantage over the rigid or blanket-style systems currently in use.

Pyrofend provides high performance fire protection for critical equipment in temperatures in excess of 1832°F (1000ºC) for periods of up to two hours. In addition, Pyrofend is totally non-toxic even in fire conditions, completely waterproof, and needs no additional mass to achieve excellent cold face temperatures since thermal energy transmission is extremely low.

Pyrofend – Serving Every Sector

Pyrofend enclosures provide effective fire protection for critical equipment across all industries, such as:

  • Protection of damper actuators in the heating and ventilation industry

  • Protection of emergency shutdown equipment and import/export lines in the offshore oil and gas industry

  • Shielding safety critical plant in the power and/or nuclear industry

Furmanite - Innovative since 1920

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