Solution & Implementation


The new eCompliance solution provided immediate benefits for Merisol. Data was quickly recovered and made accessible electronically through the dashboard and more accessible on-line reports.

Merisol maintains full ownership of the data and employees can access all data 24/7 via the customer portal dedicated specifically for Merisol. As a result, Merisol can review detected leaks and repair requirements much faster than in the past with traditional systems. In addition, because the eCompliance solution is enabled via the internet, data management services such as system and user security, data backups, business continuity and disaster recovery contingencies are covered under a service level agreement.

Ultimately, the eCompliance solution allows Merisol to better manage its leak detection and repair needs, helps them achieve fugitive emissions compliance and keep the plant’s assets up and running, thus maintaining peak operations efficiency.

eCompliance™ Solution

Furmanite’s New eCompliance™ Solution Revolutionizes the LDAR Industry

Successful implementation at Merisol plant launches nationwide solution

More than ever, petrochemical, chemical, and refinery facilities are experiencing failed leak detection and repair systems due to antiquated technology. These plants suffer tremendous consequences from missing repair deadlines for leaking components to losing all monitoring and component inventory data. The risks to these plants are great – from monumental EPA penalties to plant shutdowns to eventual decrease in efficiency and profitability.

Furmanite, a worldwide technical and engineering services company, is addressing the need head on by revolutionizing the LDAR industry. Furmanite’s new eCompliance ™, a part of its LDAR (Leak Detection and Repair) line of services, is the industry’s first solution to integrate comprehensive web-based technology, qualified people and best-in-class processes designed to ensure facilities meet all government and operational regulations associated with LDAR. One chemical company has already discovered the benefits of Furmanite’s eCompliance solution.

The Merisol Challenge

Merisol, a global provider of high quality phenolic products, experienced a challenge when their own fugitive emissions software became obsolete and crashed. “We contacted Furmanite, who had provided fugitive emissions monitoring services at Merisol since the late 1990s, and asked if they could assist us with recovery of the data and with better access to reports,” said Leigh Ann Hawboldt, Manager of Training & Development for Merisol.

Furmanite had just finished developing the new eCompliance solution at the time Merisol called. Merisol and Furmanite determined that they would be able to recover the data, and then established the plan to migrate to Furmanite’s new eCompliance platform in order to comply with Merisol’s immediate and long-term LDAR inspection requirements.

Solution & Implementation

The Implementation Process

Over a one week period, Furmanite migrated Merisol’s fugitive emissions data to the eCompliance platform following a detailed data migration plan. The solution was configured to include all regulations and deadlines specific to Merisol. As soon as the data was converted in a test environment, Furmanite produced a set of reports that listed all of Merisol’s system components, their monitoring frequency, their leak definition, and repair requirements for purposes of validating system setup and data integrity.

After securing all data and obtaining signoff from Merisol, Furmanite provided onsite training for all Merisol users and Furmanite technicians. The three-day training course provided detailed explanation of the eCompliance functions, as well as instructions for using the intrinsically-safe PDA device used to monitor the system. Equipped with wireless Blue Tooth technology, the PDA is used by Furmanite technicians to manage plant components, perform inspections, and update the eCompliance back office system; thus minimizing human error, manual documents and work redundancies.

With a trained work force, the team was ready to begin the monitoring. According to EPA regulations, Merisol had five monitoring days to ensure the data was available by the end of September, the end of the quarter. The process was on schedule, and then Hurricane Rita struck the shore. The unfortunate natural disaster forced the Merisol plant to shut down for two weeks, resulting in major delays to implementation. When the plant was finally up and running, Furmanite committed the necessary resources to ensure the monitoring was finalized quickly and stayed on schedule.

Both the Furmanite Technician and LDAR Account Manager used their new PDA devices to monitor accessible LDAR components. As this process was being performed, all monitoring data was being reflected on the Merisol eCompliance web-based “dashboard”, which features Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of all critical data. The user-friendly process enabled the technicians to learn the new technology and still easily meet their deadlines.

The Solution

Furmanite’s eCompliance solution helps customers avoid violations such as missed component monitoring and repair deadlines by using on-line tracking web services. eCompliance helps ensure timely first attempt repairs by using auto-generation of alerts and work orders. There is instant awareness of critical leaks, and better documentation for faster hand offs after leaks and other faults are discovered. Furmanite’s technicians are armed with intrinsically-safe PDA devices, which enables wireless data collection. The eCompliance solution is further enhanced if Furmanite is also providing leak sealing services at the site.

The data is ultimately owned by the customer, and Furmanite ensures system availability, security and stability by providing 24/7 access, and data management services, such as database backups, rapid recovery plans, and version control. Furmanite can also integrate eCompliance with the customer’s work order and ERP systems.

“Merisol isn’t the only plant to experience significant issues related to outdated monitoring systems. Unfortunately many companies continue to use these systems that are not reliable and result in missing critical repairs,” Angela Tucker-Peeler, Service Line Manager for Furmanite’s LDAR group. “The result can be devastating, leading to compliance issues with the EPA, and eventually affecting the overall efficiency of the plant operations,” she added.

eCompliance Unique Features and Benefits

  • Cost effective, risk-free leak detection and repair solution
  • User-friendly web services with 24/7 access from any location
  • Immediate access and snapshot of monitoring status – “dashboard”
  • Timely, accurate, accessible customer-generated reports
  • Control of critical data
  • Data stability and less risk
  • Electronic availability of data and information
  • Access via a customer portal
  • Intrinsically safe PDA devices for data collection and validation
  • Seamless connection with Furmanite leak sealing services
  • Electronic e-mail alerts, e-Calendar and Online Service Tracking
  • Electronic and customizable document and reporting libraries
  • Data management services such as data conversion, backups and continuity plans



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On-Line Leak Sealing

Our leak-sealing technology and unrivaled
on-site service help you maximize asset uptime
by sealing leaks online, onsite and under pressure. This means you keep producing the ‘product’ while we solve your leak problems.

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On-Site Machining

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We offer a comprehensive range of on-site
and on-line plant and pipeline maintenance services. From standard applications to highly customized solutions our goal is to help you maximize your asset up time.

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Pipeline Repair Products

We have a wide range of Pipeline Repair
and Integrity products designed to handle emergency leak repairs in high pressure environments and improve the structural integrity and safety of your pipelines.

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The Wilson Snyder Switch Valve has provided proven reliability for over 80 years in Coker Switch Valve applications. Wilson Snyder Switch Valves have the lowest steam consumption in the industry.

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All Products

Furmanite has been a trusted resource for sophisticated engineering products for over
75 years. From Hot Tapping to Line Stopping, we have a wide range of products to meet your pipeline repair and maintenance needs.

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Furmanite is a world leader in the provision of on site services to clients in the mining, petro-chemical, off shore, oil & gas, powergen, marine, pulp & paper and general engineering industries globally.

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